Afrolatinidad: When a movement stops moving

by Kleav

Negra con N mayúscula

afromexico Afromexico, credits: A Road Trip Through Mexico (blogspot)

“Yo soy negra” used to be just the words of a poem for me. I’d say these supossedly poetic words while the piraguero of paseo de diego in Río Piedras called me trigueña linda and I’d belt those same words anytime the women in the Dominican enclaves called me “india chula”. “Yo soy negra!” I’d say the words with a flirtacious smile and bat my eye lashes. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that the words, “yo soy negra”, for a black woman who carries the trauma of colonialism and antiblackness within her skin and throughout her notorious pelo grifo, were revolutionary words, some of the most revolutionary words she could say. “Yo soy negra” are three words, three basic words of self-recognition and ancestral recognition, the keys to the path of healing. In Puerto Rico, recognition is a part of…

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