Jimmy & The Children

by Kleav

If you know me, you know that I’m here for Baldwin. I don’t place him on a pedestal, but his words have offered me guidance, solace and a lot of questions since the first time I engaged with his work. I’ve had a semi-cliche dream to go see what this Paris that Jimmy loved so much was all about and get some type of sense of what he may have experienced in his time. 
Earlier this year, I heard Kiese talk about Baldwin and how even though he was consistently writing ABOUT African-Americans in the US, he wasn’t always writing TO them. That got me thinking. It got me thinking about me as a Black American who is not African-American and how his work has influenced me and perhaps others like me in this country. The other children of the Diaspora. 

…That being said, you’re boy is presenting about Jimmy at the International James Baldwin Conference in Paris this May!! (ignore the date on the letter, lol)

Thank you to my momma, my gramma, my brother, and every other person that has believed in me. 

Trust that there is more work to be done and I plan on bridging how we are being attacked in this country to Baldwin’s work.  

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