Out the blue

by Kleav

It was after the first embrace

that I knew

love was something that we could make

create it against the odds

and gods

that have forbidden our existence.

Sitting with you is like

sharing a lung

Syncopated breaths

occur between answers to questions

queries of every kind

I want to write a dictionary with you

So that we can fill it

with new words that define this exclusive connection

Intimacy at its best is sometimes found

in held hands

heads on stomachs

and living in each other’s presence.

In my dreams,

love can be the sweetest thing.

I want to grow with you.

Cultivate it at the edges

At the contours of this wave that is also the water its made of.

After the first embrace

I knew you were different.

I knew that we could be

the architects

of the most radical force

the world hasn’t seen yet.