Through My Window, A is for Activist

by Kleav



As a great break from TFP and all the other things that are happening right now, I was able to read to second graders at P.S. 333 for their Real Men Read program this past Thursday. I first read Through My Window (the book I wrote in 2nd grade) and had goosebumps through most of it. It hit me that never in a million years as an 8 year old would I have imagined that as a 25 year old I’d be reading that same book back to a bunch of 8 year olds. I could feel how blessed I was to have had Ms. Fields in my life.  As I read through the poems, I also realized that they might not be understanding all of the poetry and I wondered what my 8 year old self was thinking as he wrote those words. After a Q&A session where Ms. Lang (I think that’s her name) lead a discussion around why reading is important, I read A is for Activist. Not before having them practice their cat ears for a game the book leads kids through in search of a little black cat. Needless to say that after a few letters, the class was no longer quiet or resorting to “cat ears,” instead they were excited and nearly on top of me to find the cat. When I finished the book, I told the class that it was theirs to keep and was then followed up by kids asking for personal copies. To end my time with them, we talked about what it meant to inspire and how I believed they were all inspirations and as young Bronxites could accomplish whatever they wanted to. I ended by pinning on “inspire” buttons, from these dreamers, on the students, as did Ms. Lang. We then took class pictures and one kid encouraged the group to say, “inspire-cheese.” It was a great day.

Best Quotes

“I read every day and get more words. It’s more important than video games.”

– On the topic of Reading v. Video Games

“My dad is a good drawer because he can draw himself as a monkey”

– On discussing my brother being an artist


– From the way back in response to where the cat was in A is for Activist

“What’s your funny face?!”

– Getting ready for the group picture

“How’d you do that?”    

– After seeing my funny face