Wise Words

by Kleav

Plato’s Allegory of The Cave presents a scenario where people once lived in a cave and all they knew was what they saw. They believed in the illusions that were presented to them instead of the outside world that would soon give them a sense of truth and reality. Those who were once led by ignorance were enlightened with knowledge that they couldn’t handle or had to deal with in a detrimental way. If the schools continue to focus only on academics and preparing for students for college, then the students will struggle when trying to find themselves, their passion, and their motivation to succeed. Also, the light that the schools shed on the students is not always the truth and knowledge that they need to get through life, but rather forms of lies and deceit. The students must find their own answers and develop their own skills with the support of the school system. Afterschool programs like [mine] will help students become the person they want to be, instead of the person their supposed to be or what schools tell them to be.

– A wise young man